What is the Process of an Oil Tank Installation in Westchester NY?

Oil based heating systems (“http://www.myoiltankremovalny.com“) have remained popular with many homeowners over the years because of their affordability over gas and electrical heating systems.  Whether you are doing heating oil tank replacement or doing a fresh install, you will have to comply with the law.  A permit from the State Fire Marshall is usually required in many parts of the US before installing an oil tank. These requirements are to lower the risk of fire and to safeguard against soil and water pollution. The process of an oil tank installation in Westchester NY must meet the required threshold for a permit from the authorities.


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Tank location

An oil tank can be placed inside a building but under stringent conditions. It should be in a fireproof chamber at the lowest point possible in the building.

It is recommended that an oil tank is placed outside the house. This is convenient if shifting the oil tank is needed at any time. The location should be away from the sewer, plumbing, and electrical lines.

An external oil tank could be placed underground or above ground. An underground oil tank will need a housing chamber which must be built according to the local building regulations. The underground oil tank should not be located near groundwater sources like a well. An above ground oil tank will need a pad to support its legs or base.  A containment basin of 50-100 gallons can be installed under the tank in case of a spill.

The base of an oil tank should be 100 mm thick concrete, or 50 mm thick butted paving slabs. The base should extend 300 mm past the widest point of the tank all around the tank.



The oil tank should be accessible for easy oil filling and refilling. The oil lines from the delivery truck should not have to go over obstacles like hedges. The tank should have adequate space all-around such that a visual inspection is possible from all angles.


Tank placement

The tank pitch for an oil tank installation in Westchester NY should be such that water and other heavier corrosives should drain from the oil tank via gravity. This is usually done by having one side of the base 1 inch lower.


Firomatic valve

A firomatic valve is a special valve that shuts down the flow of oil when it senses heat around. It is usually placed on the suction pipe at the closest point to the oil tank.



Getting your insurance to account for the oil tank fire hazard is strongly advised.


Inspection and license

After meeting through the building regulations for the tank, a licensed dealer can be contacted for the oil tank installation in Westchester NY.  He contacts the local Fire Marshall’s office for an inspection and an issuance of the permit.