A Long Island Tree Service Preparing for Springtime

Spring is less than two months away and you will most certainly need to hire a Long Island tree service. Instead of waiting for the leaves to come out it’s better to start planning right now.

Long Island Tree Service

For the past couple of years long island has had a worm issue that has affected a variety of tree species. You might have seen those green boogers hanging from a thread off every imaginable three. I personally hate it to walk on their trees for the concern that one of these things before went to my hair.

Enough of the excessive self vanity. Just in case you want to know the name of these pests, they are gypsy moths and inchworm Caterpillars.

They have a literally infested Long Island for the past few years. Entomologist or actually saying that this coming spring and summer it make it really bad. It may get so bad that you may actually hear the Caterpillars crunching. Yes, you’ll hear these vermin having their meal!

So the time is now to think of the proper Long Island tree service that you were going to want to hire. Now some of the tree huggers may want you to do some method that does not require poison. My take on this is to say screw the tree huggers, and do what works.

A Long Island tree service will have multiple methods to deal with the gypsy moth and inchworm Caterpillars that are raping your favorite tree! Sometimes those pesky little things can make your yard look like it belongs to the Addams family or the Munsters.

So give a Long Island tree service company a call just to find out what method of tree spraying is effective for your particular property. Like I mentioned before, don’t be afraid to use pesticides. If you have a little kids or pets, ask them the safety of the chemicals they use to spray the trees.

Know what you need to know is when spring should be done. It is recommended by any reputable Long Island tree service to start in late April. You can continue having the chemicals applied until sometime in June. It is important to get the advice of an arborist to find out what are the best times to have your tree sprayed, for your particular location.

So don’t wait, or all of the leaves on your tree maybe ate! Yes I know, that was a terrible attempt at rapping. At least I tried.