Too Cold for Cesspool Service on Long Island?

Waiting to have cesspool service on Long Island done when the weather gets warmer? You may be in for a smelly and not so nice surprise! Spring does not always bring May flowers. 🙂

Cesspool Service Long Island

Sometimes a hard ground can hide poor maintenance which would require the need of a cesspool service on Long Island. When do you have a traditional cesspool or a more modern septic system, the cold floor can hide potential problems that do not show itself to when the weather gets warmer.

Normally when a septic system is in use the only issues you may face in winter is the potential of pipes freezing. I am referring to the pipes that come from the home or building to the septic system. If this occurs you will either need a plumber and\or you may need to call a cesspool service on Long Island.

Also sometimes you may have a freezing issue with the drainfield. Normally this issue is not caused by snow, as it acts as an insulating layer. The problem is if there’s a sheet of ice, or compacted snow over the drain feel for any length of time. This may cause freezing temperatures to reach into the drainage area and causing major issues.

No assuming you don’t have any issues with compacted snow or ice, there should be vegetation of some sort over the drainfield. This will act also as an insulation blanket. If there is no vegetation you may want to put an artificial blanket of some sort over the drainfield during the cold months.

Also a problem that occurs is it may just be extremely difficult to pump your tank. A cesspool service on Long Island would need to work extra hard in order to empty out your tank. It is much easier if your tank is becoming fall, to have cesspool pumping done before it becomes too cold.

Sometimes with thinking of maintenance this is one thing that is not in the forefront of a home owner or facility manager of mind if nothing is going wrong. That is when you will run into issues I need to call a cesspool service on Long Island. Unfortunately at this point, you may get charged a premium due to the difficulty of performing any type of cesspool maintenance or the repair and replacement of frozen septic system components.

It’s always better to do any type of home maintenance on Long Island between the spring and fall. Winter is the worst time for your throne to go south!