Doing Basement Finishing on Long Island. Here Are 3 Great Ideas

If you are looking into finishing your basement, this is an excellent idea. There are so many awesome reasons to finish your basement, such as enjoying more space in your home and increasing its overall value. Basement finishing in Long Island ( is something that you likely don’t want to undertake on your own, and you should instead consider hiring one of the basement remodeling contractors Long Island. There are so many great things that they can incorporate into your finished basement and this article will discuss 3 of them.


Basement Finishing Long Island


Basement Theater Room

One awesome room to incorporate into your newly finished basement is a theater room. This room will need to be made sound proof, and any windows to the outside will need to be removed. This creates a real theater experience by completely blacking out the room and keeping the sound within the walls of the room. By choosing one of the basement remodeling contractors Long Island to help with this project, you can ensure that you get the sound system properly installed, with speakers built into the walls all around the room. You can also have them built either steps or slanted seating. This again creates a theater like feature to the room and makes it easy for everyone to see the screen at the front of the room.


Basement Playroom Under The Stairs

While most basements have some kind of game room in them, few have a fun nook under the stairs that can be transformed into a playroom specifically for the younger kids. Most stair cases have a space beneath them that is perfect for this, but hiring one of the basement remodeling contractors Long Island can allow you to reshape this space and make it an awesome playroom. They can enlarge the space and raise the ceilings to make it larger. They can also add some awesome basement renovations Long Island to the space by installing chalk walls, a wall bench for seating, built-in bookshelves, and more.


A Basement Library

Many people dream of having a library in their home with bookshelves that line the walls, a comfortable fire place, and a cozy chair to sink into and read a good book. If you are in the process of basement finishing in Long Island or basement renovations in Long Island,then this is something that you can most definitely incorporate. The installation of the fireplace, wall-to-wall shelving, and anything else that you would like in your library, can all be done by the contractor as part of your basement renovations in Long Island.

In conclusion, having a finished basement is an excellent thing, and there are so many excellent contractors out there who can get the job done for you. There are also so many awesome ideas for basement finishing in Long Island that you and your family will enjoy, and that include rooms and features that are unique and fun.